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The business world is changing all the time, bringing in fresh, new and exciting challenges. The most successful companies tend be those who are always looking for ways to optimise their business processes to stay ahead of the competition, aid growth and expand their offerings.

Our expertise and proven delivery methodologies combined with our knowledge of the latest products from Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, and many other development languages means SoftwareLinkers offers world-class software development services that represent compelling value for money.

To stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world, it is necessary to optimise business processes. This enables improved customer service and increased efficiency ultimately leading to additional turnover and profit.

The best way to achieve this is by implementing software solutions that have been specifically designed and developed for your processes. To ensure success requires both expertise in understanding your business processes as well as proven product and technical knowledge.

Comprehensive portfolio of software development services

We currently deliver solutions and support clients in more than fifteen countries and work with organizations in an array of industries . Our comprehensive portfolio of software engineering services includes:

• Systems analysis and design
• Architecture
• Software product co-development
• Systems integration, migration & re-engineering
• Software maintenance and support
• Quality assurance testing
• Construction of detailed system documentation

Delivered to the highest technical standards using the latest software development techniques and methodologies, we can complete projects to a tight deadline and within budget.

How do we ensure a successful engagement?

Your project will be managed by a UK-based technical account manager who will work in conjunction with your project manager in Minsk.

In many cases, we also provide a high-definition video conferencing system which means you can also speak directly to your team in Minsk as well as your UK-based account manager and executive Sponsor.

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