School Management SoftwarE

School Management Software especially designed to fulfill all requirements of educational institutes that includes schools, colleges and academies. It is secure, reliable and same time has a user friendly Interface so the use of this software guarantee to reduce time from days to minutes with high quality and easy to accessible history of all actions.



Here it manage Student Registration, Admissions, Attendance, Classes, Sections, ID cards and guardian management

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Staff salaries/payroll allow you to manage all type of allowances, salaries, penalties, loans and installments with complete reporting.

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Attendance for both staff and students can be taken by using this software, manual as well as biometric attendance and leaves can be managed.

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Result Cards

Headache of preparing result cards is solved, you just need to enter exams result to system rest will be managed by system automatically.

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Users management feature manage school staff and their salaries including principals, teachers, accountants and security guards, etc.

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It helps you manage monthly and occasional fees collection, fee assignment, arrears, challan, and voucher creation same way security and fine.

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Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports detailed and summarized reports with attractive designs are available on a single click.

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Exams are managed by names, dates and subjects, it’s very easy to find result of a specific student or a subject.

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You can manage all expenses easily, system allow you to create multiple categories and heads to differentiate expenses.

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All academic operations are managed like classes, sections, periods, class routines, relationship of teacher, class, period and subject.

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Printing Student ID-Cards with multiple design samples are available, it’s a matter of few clicks and ID Cards for all students are ready.

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Fee vouchers and challan is a mandatory requirement of each school, with a single click you can print vouchers of full school or class or section.

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What’s Included in our School ERP Solution

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School SuperUser

Free Payment Gateway

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Student Management

Live Chat System

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